• Premises Liability

Premises Liability

These cases arise when a person is injured by a hazard that a property owner knows about or should know about but fails to take reasonable precautions to protect against the injury.  These cases can involve a variety of different hazards, but generally, they fall into three categories – negligent security cases, static condition cases, and foreign substance cases. It is important to hire a lawyer who has experience investigating and litigating these cases, because there are a number of legal and procedural protections for the property owners in these cases that must be addressed.

The Eshman Law Firm has experience handling all types of premises liability cases.  Michael began his career defending apartment complexes, amusement parks, stadiums, restaurants, and other businesses in these types of cases.  Now, Michael exclusively represents individuals who are injured in these cases.

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Serious Injury and Wrongful Death

The Eshman Law Firm represents individuals and families when the unimaginable happens. Michael has handled wrongful death cases, brain injury cases, amputation cases, and other serious injury cases. Michael serves as advocate and counselor in navigating his clients through the legal process during difficult and life-altering times.

Auto/Trucking Accident

The Eshman Law Firm represents people injured in car wrecks and trucking accidents.  Michael’s previous experience as an insurance defense lawyer is an asset in maximizing available insurance coverage and recoveries for his clients in these cases.

Construction/Worksite Injury

The Eshman Law Firm represents people who are injured in construction accidents and other workplace accidents.  Michael investigates and handles any liability claims, while partnering with trusted, worker’s compensation attorneys to maximize to help his clients maximize any potential recovery.

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